Anti-allergy gel (80g)


Fumes Neutrilizer/ Anti-allergy gel
Absorbed fumes from the air. Prevents fumes from getting into your respiratory ways. If used on regular basis prevents from allergies.

How to use Fumes Neutrilizer/ Anti-allergy gel?
Open up the pot and place it next to drop of your glue. To be used on every treatment involving lash glue.
Size – 80ml
Scent – flowery
Storage: In a dark, cool place.
Expiry date : 1 year
Expiry date from the opening day: 6 months
If using daily basis, the pot will last you around 3 months.
Reduces build up of allergies.
Absorbs flying toxins, reduces amount of fumes.
Illuminates lash glue smell.
Tested and approved.

This miracle product will be highly appreciated by technicians who care about their and their clients wellbeing.
Low price, little usage of the product and light scent in your working environment.

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