Jam remover 15g


Is designed for a safe removal of lash extensions.
Does not leak, heat up, nor ruin natural lashes.
You do not require to use large amounts of this product.

Expiry date from manufacturer: within 2 years
Expiry date once opened: 6 months

Store the products in a dry, cool place.

Comes in 5gr and 15gr.

This is a perfect ans safe product for professional lash technicians as well as can be used at home by your clients.
Has been popular and widely used by all our lash clients.
No need to book yourself in for an appointment to remove your lashes, you can do it in a comfort of your own home.

Only a small amount of product is required, soft creamlike texture, does not leak nor heat up your eye area. Very gently disrupts glue bonding without damaging your natural lashes.
As an additional bonus, this product has a pleasant smell to it.
Scents to chose from: rose, cherry, sweets, magnolia.

How to use it?
Gently apply remover on the top and a bottom of lashes (that have extensions on them), using Microfibre brush. Wait 7-10 minutes and thoroughly remove the product using cotton buds and a tissue. Then brush the lashes and cleanse using lash shampoo to remove all of the remaining product.

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