Lash & brow shampoo “Lux” 50ml


Shampoo – for brow and lash cleansing.
Deep cleansing for your eyebrows and eyelashes to remove dirt, dust and make up. This product will not sting nor cause irritation to your sensitive areas.
Has a pleasant smell to it.
Shampoo, when pressing, looks like a foam which moves deep between your hairs and thoroughly cleanses the area it has been brushed on.
Suitable for an everyday use and does not affect your lash extension life span.

How to use it: Squeeze out a small amount of foam, apply it on your eyelash and/or eyebrow area using circulating moves. Using a soft brush, evenly spread the product over the desired area. And wash it off.

Size of a bottle: 50ml
Smell: Pleasant and flowery
Expiry date from the opening: 9 months

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