Protein remover 15 ml


Protein/ Degreaser for lashes – is a perfect product to quickly and efficiently cleanse your clients lashes before an application of extensions.
This product cleanses natural lashes from remains of make up, dust and dirt, as well as increases bonding between a natural lash and a lash extensions applied on it.
If used correctly degreaser does not irritate mucous membrane of your clients eye.

Comes in 15ml and 40ml.
Sense: Green Tea and Rose
Keep it in temperature between 0 degrees and 26 degrees in a cool, dry area.

On average you will have enough for 200-300 treatments.

Expiry date from manufacturing: 3 years
Expiry date from opening: 6 months

How to use primer/degreaser?
Apply on previously cleansed lashes and eyelid using microfibre brush. Please ask your client to keep their eyes closed during this treatment to prevent it from getting into eyes.

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